Aboveground Stormwater Management Sand Filter in MD, VA, DC, DE, PA & NC

A sand filter is a stormwater filtration system that utilizes a two-point clarification system with pre-treatment and treatment layers, in which the first layer is a sediment forebay designed to settle larger particles and the second layer consists of coarse sand that is laid horizontally to function as a screen. In larger commercial applications, such as a parking lot, a sand filter can effectively collect the stormwater and then treat it before continues on the path towards the storm sewer system. iSTORMWATER offers customers throughout the DC metro area a vast array of stormwater management services, including sand filter maintenance and inspection.

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Benefits of Professional Sand Filter Maintenance in MD, VA, DC, DE, PA & NC

Sand filters are a highly effective stormwater management tool, used to treat and enhance the quality of stormwater runoff from impenetrable surfaces such as a parking lot. With the capacity to handle volumes from areas up to 10 acres in size, sand filters are ideal for use on commercial facilities. While sand filters do require periodic inspection and regular upkeep to ensure maximum performance and reliability, iSTORMWATER offers sand filter maintenance services as part of our extensive array of stormwater management services, with benefits that include:

Save Time

Frequent, routine maintenance is needed for continuous and efficient operation, but although an aboveground sand filter is designed to simplify maintenance tasks through enhanced visibility, the time spent performing these tasks may be better utilized on other projects on or around your property. Our stormwater management experts will ensure maintenance tasks are conducted routinely and efficiently to save you time while preserving the look and integrity of your stormwater management sand filter.

Compliance Adherence

Detailed maintenance plans are required by law for each stormwater facility to safeguard compliance with local and state regulations and codes. iSTORMWATER is an industry leader, dedicated to providing management, inspection, and maintenance services to comply with EPA and municipal standards.

Save Money

Failing to properly maintain your stormwater management systems can result in penalties and fines from local, state, and federal authorities, tying up your much-needed capital and placing your facility at risk for future violations. iSTORMWATER will adhere to the guidelines set forth in your sand filter’s maintenance plan to prevent the unnecessary financial burdens associated with non-compliance, saving you time and money.

Environmental Sustainability

Professional sand filter maintenance helps to mitigate the damages caused by pollutants found in stormwater runoff and enhance the quality of the water through adequate filtration and cleaning. Groundwater recharge helps to replenish the water supply and support the ecology and health of humans and wildlife, and professional sand filter maintenance can support these efforts through the cleaning, replacement, and disposal of sediment and contaminants from the filtration system.

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Stormwater Management Sand Filter Inspection

Sand filters are effective at removing a number of common contaminants from stormwater runoff, with limited control. The two main design principles for sand filters are simplicity and visibility, with the latter being necessary for the ease and frequency of inspection and maintenance. Periodic inspection is necessary to ensure the filtration system is operational, and in the first few months following construction, the system should be inspected after each major storm. From that point on, the sand filter should be inspected at a minimum of once every six months to confirm continued permeability of the sand bed.

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Stormwater Management Sand Filter Maintenance

Sand filters require frequent routine maintenance, including:

  • Raking the sand
  • Removing the accumulation of sediment, trash, and debris
  • Removal of the sediment buildup on the uppermost layer
  • Periodically replacing some or all of the sand, as finer sediment penetrates deep into the sand, as evidenced by discoloration
  • Filter and dispose of sand removed from the filter
  • And more

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Benefits of Stormwater Management Sand Filters

Sand filters are a natural, eco-friendly solution to stormwater management, with a number of important benefits such as:

  • Collection of stormwater runoff
  • Filtration and removal of contaminants and pollutants
  • Removal of sediment, coliform, and BOD
  • Reduction in peak runoff rates
  • Enhanced water quality
  • Good retrofit capabilities
  • Long life span if adequately maintained
  • Good for densely populated areas and high-volume parking lots
  • And more

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Why Stormwater Management Sand Filter Maintenance is Necessary

Regular, effective maintenance is needed to ensure optimal performance and efficiency of the stormwater management sand filter. Maintenance plans are also required for all stormwater management facilities to ensure they are in compliance with local and state stormwater management sand filter codes and regulations. Specific and generalized maintenance requirements should be detailed in the sand filter’s maintenance plan as part of the overall stormwater management strategy.

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