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Control Stormwater Runoff With Stormwater Management Ponds

Storm drain surrounded by rocksAt iSTORMWATER, our many years of industry experience will ensure that your property always looks its best and that your water management needs are met. The techniques we use ensure that your drainage ponds are always well maintained. If you own any retail or commercial property where you run the risk of standing water, we can assist you in managing the problem.

Benefits of Stormwater Pond Maintenance

Maintenance will always be needed for stormwater ponds. Failure to keep up with requirements could create a false sense of security regarding the ability of a pond to store stormwater runoff and remove pollutants effectively. The benefits of keeping up with preventive and corrective stormwater pond maintenance include:

  • Works to maintain good water quality downstream
  • Minimizes flooding risks
  • Improves the stability of channels downstream
  • Eliminates algae blooms, annoying insects, and unpleasant odors
  • Well-kept, well-maintained, attractive areas

To learn more about the benefits of stormwater pond maintenance, contact iSTORMWATER online or call (443) 699-2828.

Routine Preventive Maintenance for Stormwater Management Ponds

  • Inspections: Stormwater pond inspections should be performed as part of an overall stormwater management plan. They should be conducted quarterly and within 24 hours of every storm event that generates more than 1 inch of rain. Inspectors should come with a detailed checklist of things to look for after rainfall, including obstructions, trash accumulation, erosion, and sedimentation.
  • Vegetation management: Regular mowing helps prevent erosion and maintains good aesthetics around the stormwater pond. Fertilizer and pesticide use should be minimized to avoid downstream pollution.
  • Debris and litter removals: Trash is a common cause of obstructions at the inlet, outlet, and orifice. To prevent this, general trash pickup should occur during every inspection and maintenance visit.
  • Mechanical equipment maintenance: Check valves, pumps, fence gates, locks, and mechanical components during periodic inspections.
  • Structural component checks: Inspect the outlet, inlet, orifice, trash rack, and trickle channel for signs of wear and tear.

Water flows from the pipe into the river under the bridge.

Non-Routine Corrective Maintenance for Stormwater Management Ponds

  • Bank stabilization: Vegetated areas must sustain adequate ground cover to ensure proper runoff infiltration and effective contaminant filtering. If plants die, the area must be replanted and stabilized immediately.
  • Sediment removal: Approximately once every six months, accumulated sediment must be removed from the bottom of the outlet structure. During this process, pond depths should also be checked at several points. If accumulated sediment has decreased the pond’s original design depth by more than 25%, it should be removed.
  • Structural repair and replacement: Eventually, the structural components of a stormwater pond will need to be repaired or replaced. Do this when necessary to keep the pond in good operating condition.

iSTORMWATER provides reliable, comprehensive stormwater pond maintenance services throughout Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. 

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If you’re responsible for assuring the ongoing operation of a stormwater pond on your property, hand over the responsibility to iSTORMWATER. We have over 20 years of industry experience and offer a satisfaction guarantee for your peace of mind.

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Stormwater Management FAQs

Can fish live in stormwater ponds?

Fish are a vital part of the ecosystem and will help to maintain the proper balance between vegetation and other lifeforms. Although fish may be present in the water, it may not be safe to go fishing at a runoff pond.

What are the legal requirements for managing stormwater runoff?

The Clean Water Act requires enterprises to control runoff from construction sites and completed structures. This includes implementing reasonable measures to prevent the flow of polluted runoff into the area’s water supply.

Are city agencies responsible for stormwater runoff on private property?

No, cities are only responsible for maintaining drainage systems, catch basins, ponds, etc., that are within the public right of way or on land owned by the city. Runoff that occurs on private property is the responsibility of the property owner.

How can erosion around the stormwater pond be controlled?

Erosion is a serious problem around stormwater ponds. Controlling it requires applying a combination of strategies, including the planting of native foliage, proper grading of the pond bank, and installation of stone and other waterproof materials designed to reduce the rate of erosion.

How often should a stormwater pond be inspected?

At a minimum, stormwater ponds should be inspected every quarter. They should also be inspected every time a storm produces more than 1 inch of rainfall.

Can corrective measures help maintain a stormwater pond?

Ponds require regular maintenance that includes removing sediment to ensure the pond remains at the proper depth, as well as repairing any structural elements, including valves, pumps, gates, and other mechanical elements required for efficient operation.

What are the two types of stormwater ponds?

There are two types of stormwater ponds used to manage water runoff. A dry pond will only hold water briefly as water continues to drain away. A wet pond holds water permanently and releases water more gradually.

Contact iSTORMWATER at (443) 699-2828 for more information about stormwater management on your property. We can keep your shopping mall, office complex, hotel, or another facility safe and compliant with all applicable regulations.


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