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Guide to Stormwater Inspections

Posted On: June 30, 2022

What To Expect During a Stormwater Inspection? Stormwater runoff, or extra water that flows over the ground, occurs when heavy rain collects on impervious surfaces (such as rooftops, driveways, and parking lots) that don’t allow the water to seep into the ground or follow a natural path to larger waterways. This inevitably causes problems like…

Reducing Runoff

Posted On: May 26, 2022

It’s common knowledge that runoff from stormwater can bring flood damage to your facility and surrounding areas, but it is also a cause for concern because of its ability to spread pollution far and wide. Runoff is classified as what the Environmental Protection Agency calls “nonpoint source pollution,” a form of pollution that comes from…

Stormwater Maintenance Requirements

Posted On: April 8, 2022

When it comes to properly handling runoff from storms, preventative action is a critical best practice. Knowing how your stormwater system is performing is a must, and inspections with needed maintenance are the smartest way to avoid costly disasters. iSTORMWATER can inspect your system and provide the documentation needed to obtain permits and certification in…

How Does the Contech StormFilter Work?

Posted On: October 18, 2021

Stormwater runoff can be downright dangerous. As it flows across a myriad of surfaces, it picks up many pollutants, including hydrocarbons, metals, suspended solids, and more. As we learn more about how these pollutants affect the human body, regulations on stormwater quality continue to become more complex while compliance becomes more challenging. Luckily, the StormFilter…

Stormwater Retention Pond Maintenance Guide

Posted On: July 8, 2021

One way to battle stormwater runoff and the water pollution it causes is through retention ponds. Also known as “wet ponds,” these helpful structures are created to store and treat runoff. The collected stormwater is then eventually emptied into a larger body of water. Proper maintenance of stormwater ponds is critical to ensure their safety,…


Real Results

iStormwater LLC was an excellent choice. They made the process of the Storm water pond repairs seamless. They took charge of the project and got the project approved and passing the inspection. We highly recommend them and would use them again.

Lyonswood HOA

Incredible stormwater management service. The owner John consulted on a property I manage and ended up saving us thousands of dollars in environmental fees from the government. Now, our property is compliant with the EPA and we have a great partner to keep us maintained on storm water regulations over time.

Kelly E.
When to Use Stormwater Detention Ponds vs. Retention Ponds
Posted On:April 3, 2023

Property owners in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC, are often responsible for stormwater management. This means you may have to choose between a detention or...