Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Compliance Services


If you operate or manage a privately-owned facility in the Mid-Atlantic region, chances are you will need a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit for stormwater running off of your property. One example of such a permit is the General Discharge Permit for Stormwater Discharges Associated with Industrial Activity. To apply for an NPDES permit, you must develop and implement a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP).

For help implementing the stormwater facility monitoring and inspection portion of your SWPPP, please get in touch with iSTORMWATER at (443) 699-2828. We provide services in MD, VA, DC, and PA.

What Is an SWPPP & What Is It Used For?

An SWPPP is a site-specific document signed by a company executive that explains all of the possible ways stormwater contamination could occur due to the facility’s activities. The document also presents steps the facility will take to prevent such pollution. SWPPPs must be based on sound engineering and incorporate approved behavioral and structural guidelines necessary to reduce the risk of stormwater contamination.

The purpose of an SWPPP is to help preserve and improve water quality by regulating pollutants that enter storm drains, conveyances, local streams, and rivers. Examples of businesses that must submit an SWPPP to obtain an NPDES permit include but are not limited to industrial sites, factories, utility companies, and new construction sites. The plan should include:

  • Descriptions of the site and the activities that occur there
  • The names of everyone on the facility’s Pollution Prevention Team
  • Outdoor activities that may cause pollution
  • Pollution control measures, schedules, and procedures
  • Details regarding stormwater facility monitoring and inspections
  • Spill response plans
  • Employee training procedures

Note that NPDES permits and SWPPPs are not required for facilities where stormwater runoff is directed into a municipal sanitary sewer system. Still, you should check with your local water authority before doing so. After all, most municipalities have volume limits, pretreatment requirements, and prohibitions on certain pollutants.

iSTORMWATER Services Keep You in Compliance with Your SWPPP

It’s not enough merely to state how you’ll prevent stormwater pollution—you must also follow through with the measures indicated in your SWPPP. The services from iSTORMWATER can satisfy the stormwater facility monitoring and inspection requirements as outlined in the plan.

NPDES permits establish the frequency, parameters, and sometimes even the procedures for monitoring stormwater outflows to prevent pollutants from exceeding the effluent limitations. In some cases, monitoring may need to be conducted continually, while other times, it may only need to be checked every six to 12 months. Submitting reports verifies your compliance with the state’s stormwater monitoring requirements.

In addition to monitoring, periodic stormwater inspections are also required. Inspections ensure that the control measures specified in your SWPPP remain in place and that all procedures are still being followed correctly. If not, you may violate your NPDES permit and require corrective measures.

Contact iSTORMWATER for SWPPP Compliance in MD, VA, DC, & PA

Due to the complexities and hazards of stormwater management, this task is best left to a professional. iSTORMWATER has over 20 years of experience monitoring, inspecting, maintaining, repairing, and correcting stormwater facilities. We are the leading industry experts on SWPPP and stormwater management services. We can help you comply with the terms in your SWPPP or make corrections to your stormwater facility to help you obtain the permits you need. The iSTORMWATER guarantee backs everything we do, so you can trust our service quality to exceed your expectations.

For help with SWPPP compliance in the Mid-Atlantic region, please call us at (443) 699-2828 or contact us online and request a free service estimate.


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