How Does the Contech StormFilter Work?

Posted On: October 10, 2021

StormFilter Stormwater Treatment by Contech

Stormwater runoff can be downright dangerous. As it flows across a myriad of surfaces, it picks up many pollutants, including hydrocarbons, metals, suspended solids, and more. As we learn more about how these pollutants affect the human body, regulations on stormwater quality continue to become more complex while compliance becomes more challenging. Luckily, the StormFilter filtration system exists to meet and exceed the standards required by many regulatory agencies.

What Is the Contech StormFilter?

The StormFilter is an underground device designed to trap particles and remove pollutants. The device uses rechargeable cartridges housed in a system of one or multiple structures beneath the ground, with the ability to target specific pollutants or protect against as many as possible within the same system. The StormFilter is highly configurable, making it suitable for a variety of applications.

How Does the StormFilter Work?

There are four steps to the StormFilter treatment cycle.

  1. Runoff from the storm moves through the system’s filtration media. It fills the center tube in the cartridge; then, the air is expelled via a one-way valve as water accumulates.
  2. Buoyancy pulls the float off once the water gets to the top of the float, and filtered water exits the cartridge through a specialized siphon.
  3. Once the storm is over and water stops accumulating, the water level in the structure will fall until it reaches the bottom of the hood where the scrubbing regulators are located.
  4. Air passes through the regulators and breaks the siphon. This produces air bubbles that agitate the filter, so the sediment it has built up settles on the floor.

Thanks to features like high flexibility in design and low maintenance, this proven system has been successful for more than 20 years.

StormFilter Applications

Here are just a few of the different applications ideal for the StormFilter system.

  • High-volume: The StormFilter has been successful for high-volume detention and treatment systems thanks to its flexibility and scalability.
  • Low-impact development: For LID designs, the StormFilter can be decentralized for efficient treatment closest to the source of the runoff.
  • Industrial: StormFilter can filter out complex pollutants and solids at scale and is durable enough to withstand industrial use.

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